This week, the podcast returns with author Steve Ebling calling in to talk about his book, “Holy Bible – Best God Damned Version”.  This work is an effort in translating the Bible into vernacular and vulgarities that will appeal to the common man.  If you were wondering, yes, the biblical texts do indeed have vulgarities, and a great deal of explicit content (Ezekiel 23:20, Judges 19 anyone?).

Noting that biblical literacy is fairly weak through Christendom, Steve’s book aims to inform the reader about the actual content of scripture, while also poking fun at some of the more difficult questions the Bible leaves us with: Who did Cain and Abel marry?  Why is Genesis supporting a geocentric astronomy?  Why do some parts of the text appear to espouse polytheism, yet others do not?  Who created God?  Why would it REALLY defile someone to sit in the same chair a menstruating woman sat in?

This episode is completely NSFW/ life/ or children, and by far the most  episode recorded to date.  Steve, though not exactly an atheist, is not a Christian either.  Although humorous and a fun guy to talk to, Steve’s message is a great deal more inflammatory and hostile towards faith than mine is, and it was interesting to get his perspective on skepticism, and why he is so passionate about wanting to impune the holy text.

It was great getting to talk to Steve and hear how after working all his life he decided to write a book that is steadily gaining interest and readers.  He was funny and even mailed me a copy of the book for free!  Thanks Steve!  You can find Steve’s book on Amazon and Kindle for a buck or two, check it out: