If you didn’t know already, polyamory is the inclusion of more than two people in a romantic relationship. In practice this can take a lot of different forms, and bring additional dynamics and problems to a relationship.  Houston has a large and active polyamorous community, who on top of confronting taboos and stigmas,  is growing as a community unto itself.

This week, one primary member of this community, Jonathan Walker, comes through to discuss his experience leading a polyamorous support group, what it’s like to manage several romances at once, and why his lifestyle isn’t as strange as some might think.  Amid a few ridiculous questions, Jonathan answers some serious queries such as:  What stresses come with having multiple lovers?  How is jealousy dealt with?  Isn’t this just an excuse to have as many sexual partners as possible?  How are traditional roles modified in group relationships?

You can find Jonathan Walker through his website http://www.jwalkercoaching.com