17 03, 2017

Polyamorous In Houston: Ethical Promiscuity, Jealousy, And Why Poly Isn’t Just An Excuse For Philandering

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If you didn't know already, polyamory is the inclusion of more than two people in a romantic relationship. In practice this can take a lot of different forms, and bring additional dynamics and problems to a relationship.  Houston has a large and active polyamorous community, who on top of confronting taboos and stigmas,  is growing as a community unto itself. This week, one primary member of this community, Jonathan Walker, comes through to discuss his experience leading a polyamorous support group, what it's like to manage several romances at once, and why his lifestyle isn't as strange as some might think.  Amid a few ridiculous questions, Jonathan answers some serious queries such as:  What stresses come with having multiple lovers?  How is jealousy dealt with?  Isn't this just an excuse to have as many sexual partners as possible?  How are traditional roles modified in group relationships? You can find Jonathan Walker through his website

10 03, 2017

Jason Barnes Talks Metal, Happiness, Losing Faith, And His Time In Christian Metal Band HASTE THE DAY

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  This week Jason Barnes (former member of Haste The Day) stops by to talk about his adventures on the road, playing guitar in a Christian metal band, the recording process, body building, developing happiness, and the journey away from faith and subsequent departure from HTD.  Although atheists are caricatured as amoral or resentful, Jason could not be a better example of how ridiculous that stereotype is.  It was a joy to interview him, his passion and joy are just as inspiring as they were when I was attending his shows a decade ago. This is by far one of my favorite episodes I've recorded. Can't wait to have him on again to talk more about fitness and inspiration. The most recent musical project from Jason is Beyond Oceans.

26 02, 2017

Daniel Silvermintz: Philosophy’s Biggest Problems & What’s So Great About Socrates?

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This week Philosopher, Platonic Researcher, and Professor, Daniel Silvemintz stops by to discuss his new book "Protagoras", and tease out the great problem concerning whether or not truth is relative or absolute.  Why bother being good?  Aren't all of the answers to life's big questions just as valid as each other?  If there is no absolute right or wrong, why not live as you please?  Also addressed are questions regarding the good life and why the work of Plato remains vital nearly 2,400 years after his death. Daniel Silvermintz, Ph.D., is Associate Professor and Director of Humanities at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Prior to joining UHCL, Professor Silvermintz was a Visiting Scholar in the Critical Theory Institute at the University of California-Irvine, and he currently serves as an Advisory Board member for the International Society for Philosophers. His innovating teaching has received national recognition from the Association for General and Liberal Studies as the 2009 recipient of the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award. His research focuses on ancient Greek ethical and political thought and has appeared in Classical World, Polis, Omnibus, Metaphilosophy, Ancient World, History of Political Economy, and Yale Economic Review. His book on the founder of the sophistic movement, Protagoras: Ancients in Action was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2016. He is currently working on a book concerning Plato’s economic thought. His site and CV can be see here: You can check out his book here, with a shout-out to me in the [...]

16 02, 2017

What’s It Like To Be A Gay Pastor For A Gay Church In South Virginia? Episode 1!

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This week Joe Cobb, who is a MCC minister and author of "Our Family Outing" stops by to tell us what it is like to be a gay pastor in the south, how he deals with biblical passages condemning homosexuality, what a gay friendly denomination looks like, and his participation in the women's march.   Questions concerning how he approaches the biblical text as a gay man start at 12:32.  You can learn more about Joe by visiting  This episode, like all others, is under and hour.