This week artist Julia Claire Wallace stops by to talk about Performance Art, the scene it has in Houston, and her role setting up the Experimental Action festival I was invited to earlier this year.  We talked about the functions of Art, and what makes Performance Art stand out from performing arts such as music and theater.  Julia along with other dedicated folks such as Evan McCarley are the kinds of people that make Houston special: Dedicated people who will work, even if they lose money, all out of love for their craft.  This conversation is down to earth and really accessible for those who aren’t knowledgeable about Houston’s art scene, something the folks at Experimental Action have worked diligently on.

Julia’s site can be reached here:

An example of a performance art piece can be found here, a piece by Abel Azcona:

The site for the festival I attended and wrote about can be found here:

Further information about Houston’s Performance Art scene can be found here:

Here are some extra pictures of Experimental Action and the fun I had afterwards, also Sean PenAlber’s lovely orange hat pops up!