Debi Jackson is the founder of Gender Inc, and the mother of Avery Jackson, who is the first transgender person to appear on the cover of National Geographic.  She is an advocate for the trans community, and the recipient of a lot of nasty threatening emails condemning her and her family.

This week she stops by to share her journey, and how she has come to be so vocal and supportive of a community that is particularly misunderstood and mistreated.

For someone who has been shown so much hate and has faced threats of harm to herself and her family, Debi is full of love and acceptance in such a surprising way.  Anyone would be blessed to have a parent who loved them as much as she loves her daughter and son.  It was a joy to have her on and learn about her family’s journey.

You can find Avery’s book “It’s Okay To Sparkle” at this link

Debi apparently gets a lot of hate mail, so all haters are welcome to come on and talk their issues out on my show or in text by contacting me via email.