This week the Lipstick Yogi herself, Carrah Quigley is on the show to talk about Feminism and whether or not spirituality is for the non-theistic crowd.  With folks like Sam Harris praising the virtues of meditation, it seems that there are some in the atheist community who see the benefit of  disciplines that could be called “spiritual”.  This can generate a narrow look from both believers and non-believers alike.  I confess that while I think there is a lot more reading for me to do on the matter, I’m not going to be darkening the doors of any yoga studios anytime soon.  That being said, Carrah raises some good points about the benefits of meditative practices, and thinking openly.

Aside from that Carrah addresses issues Feminism.  While there is little I can really add to the topic, I’m well aware that statistics say that 1 in 3 women will experience some form of domestic or sexual abuse in their life.  The numbers for men aren’t acceptable either.  Feminism has never aimed at treating women better than man, but has been aimed at equality since the beginning.  While I can see some of the audience already wanting to tune out, I encourage you to think why these topics generate less interest than they deserve.  At the very least it’ll help my new segment responding to positive and unkind emails that I’ve been getting.